Sunday Live show Special edition DOWNLOAD

10805809_928921097136062_8835767362702960845_n20:00 pm CET. This evening we had a special guest in the studio, all the way from Spain..Sergi Elias aka DJ DPM.

Sergi mixes since 1985 and used to work for Blanco Y Negro records. Half a year ago Sergi was in our mids and came up with the idea to mix all the Top 100 tracks of 2013 in one hour!  And what a show it was! (And what a warming up for the upcoming Top 100!) This sunday evening Sergi challenged himself using all mixing techniques. He also treated you with a primeur, an exclusive new production wich will be launched next year on Bordello a Parigi label and with the vocals of Fred Ventura. Due to his visit the studio was hot and packed with big names and guests!

Eddy Mi Ami, Michiel van der Kuy, Lex van Coevorden, Marcello, Jan Heerema and Ron Steusfij. Michiel van der kuy also had a primeur for you..he started to produce again and we played his new track with the typical old school Rygar laserdance sound! Next week we will get on with your requests. Enjoy the downloads of this show and have a look in the comments to see the tracklist of Sergi.


10372226_928921133802725_5148944743539903963_n  20141123_232252

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Live show Special edition DOWNLOAD

  1. RADIO STAD DEN HAAG TOP 100 2013 live mix tracklist

    Savage ‘Don´t Cry Tonight’
    Peter Jaques Band ‘Going Dancing Down The Street’
    Tension ‘My Dream’
    Riky Maltese ‘All The Night’
    Italian Boys ‘Forever Lovers’
    Valerie Dore ‘The Night’
    Eddy Huntington ‘U.S.S.R.’
    Savage ‘Only You’
    Gazebo ‘I Like Chopin’
    Meccano ‘Activate My Heart’
    Silver Pozolli ‘Around My Dream’
    Scotch ‘Disco Band’
    Shannon ‘Let the Music Play’
    Miko Mission ‘How Old Are You’
    P. Lion ‘Happy Children’
    Miko Mission ‘The World Is You’
    Rose ‘Memories’
    Swan ‘Don´t Talk About It’
    Rudy & Co ‘Mama Radio’
    Albert One ‘For Your Love’
    Creatures ‘Believe In Yourself’
    Doctors Cat ‘Feel The Drive’
    Fabian Nesti ‘Heigh Ho’
    Torrevado ‘Living In The Shuttle’
    Kano ‘Another Life’
    Peter Jacques Band ‘Drives Me Crazy’
    Roy ‘Destiny Time’
    Doctors Cat ‘Watch Out’
    Mr. Flagio ‘Take A Chance’
    Cyber People ‘Void Vision’
    Flirts ‘Passion’
    My Mine ‘Hypnotic Tango’
    Klein & MBO ‘Dirty Talk’
    Flirts ‘Helpless’
    Ris feat. Celeste ‘Love N Music’
    Squash Gang ‘I Want An Illusion’
    Taffy ‘Midnight Radio’
    De Gama ‘Sexual Fever’
    Joli band ‘Paradiso’
    Styloo ‘Pretty Face’
    Rollerforce ‘Subway’
    Fockewulf 190 ‘Gitano’
    Mirage ‘No More, No War’
    Brand Image ‘Are You Loving’
    Fancy ‘Bolero’
    Tom Hooker ‘Looking For Love’
    Alan Barry ‘Tell Me The Reason’
    Den Harrow ‘Future Brain’
    Diviacchi ‘Waiting For The Heaven’
    Moses ‘We Just’
    Fancy ‘Slice Me Nice’
    Paul Parker ‘Don’t Stop (What You’re Doing To Me)’
    Koto ‘Visitors’
    Camaros Gang ‘Ali Shuffle’
    Immortals ‘The Ultimate Warlord’
    R. Bais ‘Dial My Number’
    Ken Laszlo ‘Tonight’
    Ken Laszlo ‘S.O.S’
    Brand Image ‘Love In A Summer Night’
    Max Coveri ‘One More Time’
    Paul Parker ‘Right On Target’
    Silent Circle ‘Touch In The Night’
    Patrick Cowley ‘Menergy’
    Max Him ‘Lady Fantasy’
    Lime ‘Guilty’
    Charlie ‘Spacer Woman’
    Gary Low ‘You Are A Danger’
    Hugh Bullen ‘Alisand’
    Jamie Principle ‘Waiting On My Angel’
    Den Harrow ‘A Taste Of Love’
    Twins ‘Not The Loving Kind’
    Laserdance ‘Humanoid Invasion’
    Swan ‘Shining Star’
    Bobby Orlando ‘She Has A Way’
    Queen Michi ‘All Or Nothing’
    Patrick Cowley ‘Megatron Man’
    Trans-X ‘Living On Video’
    Sunbelt ‘Spin It’
    Ken Laszlo ‘Hey Hey Guy’
    Divine ‘Shoot Your Shot’
    Twins ‘Face To Face Heart To Heart’
    Den Harrow ‘To Meet Me’
    Lime ‘Babe We’re Gonna Love Tonight’
    New Order ‘Blue Monday’
    Rofo ‘Flashlight On A Disconight’
    Tapps ‘My Forbidden Lover’
    Donna Summer ‘I Feel Love’
    Jock Hattle ‘Crazy Family’
    Patrick Cowley & Sylvester ‘Do You Wanna Funk’
    Digital Emotion ‘Go Go Yellow Screen’
    Pheaex ‘Talk About’
    Lime ‘Unexpected Lovers’
    K. Barre ‘Right By The Moon’
    Martin Circus ‘Ite Missa Est’
    Rofo ‘You´ve Got To Move It On Baby’
    Lime ‘Your Love’
    Miro Moroe ‘Nights Of Arabia’
    Lisa ‘Rocket To Yout Heart’
    Electric Theatre ‘Ballet Dancer’
    Cube ‘Concert Boy’

    To be performed live on Radio Stad Den Haag on November 23rd by Sergi Elias (Don’t Play, Mix!)

    ‘I have challenged myself to make the Top 100 2013 of Radio Stad Den Haag’ mix compiling all the track in one hour. This is not an original idea at all, and lots of people can do it as well, better, I am sure, much better than me.
    So, instead of spending hours trying to make something different I decided to make an easy listening mix with all the tracks, and perform it live (not to play but performe it). Unfortunately, it would be weird to make it with vinyl, so I will mix it live with launchpads….at the end, press play and cue is the same thing
    I have used in this mix all the mixing tecniques I have been using as a DJ since 1985, so althought there’s studio work, I have tried to recover the 80s flava according to the tracklist. So, this mix could have been done in the 80s using reel to reel tape cut and simple sampling’

    Remember, don’t play, mix! Cheers Sergi

  2. Hallo RSDH ! Thank You for super Sunday Live radio-show Special edition ! 🙂 Kiss

  3. Wat leuk, wat leuk 🙂 Big thanks to Sergi for his fantastic livemix! This was really a special show with so many of your friends – very nice to have seen Eddy, Lex and Michiel vd Kuy (all 3 are great music producers with love & passion) again…happy good times!

  4. Hey Rsdh-crew,
    Vannacht deze show teruggekeken en hij was weer gaaf he !. Complimentos por Sergi Elias voor de heel-erg-gave livemix, knap om dat zomaar effe live te kunnen doen, had ik nog nooit zo gezien. Muchos gracias Sergi Elias !.
    Verder sluit ik me aan bij de request die aanstaande zondag aan bod komt: Robotico Rejecto – Rejecto, super track is dat Het is geen Italo/Disco ofzo en de stijl heette toen ‘Electronic Body Music’ maar voor 1987 begrippen was dit toen echt een kippevel nummer voor mij, maar je moet ervan houden.
    Ciao en bedankt voor de super leuke show !.