Radio Stad Sunday Live Shows RERUN & MP3 DOWNLOAD

Despite all that is happening around the world…we were there to give you the positive vibes we all need.

16:00 hrs PM cet : ‘Doucheco’ 2 hours with Michiel van der Brugge and a chart from the 80’s the ‘Haagse Flitsende 50’ from 1987.

19:15 PM cet : a Savino Deejay mix2014-02-26 19.59.54

20:00 till 12 PM The Sunday night live request show With Menno, Gwen and Michiel.

We played  all your requests, a promo by Martin Duvall of the Bordello a Parigi label, a promo by Brizido and a track of Tatianaa Mia Moore. And because Germany won the World cup last week, the two last hours ‘Die verruckte stunden’ with Jos de Feijter..all German stuff from the 80’s.All from vinyl mostly Zyx records(also broadcasted on DizGo Radio fm)Thank you for all your comments and requests!

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2 thoughts on “Radio Stad Sunday Live Shows RERUN & MP3 DOWNLOAD

  1. Thanks for the extra time; zwei verruckte stunden with “German” italo disco or at least the German sound 🙂 . Next time I’m in for a Canadian Energy hour, French italo, Leidse italo (Adams&Fleisner), vanderKuy/van Vliet, Bobby”O”, Megatone or just a Deep Dark Italo hour. All from vinyl!