Freaky Friday in the MiX & Turbulentie with DJ Mark van Dale

Here is you’re weekendstarter! Enjoy the RSDH dance night

8 till 11pm CET Freaky Friday in the mix Disco & Italo.
11pm till 2am CET  Mello-electro-deep house sounds in Turbulentie with the famous dj Mark van Dale!

So put on your dancing shoes and play it loud! (scroll)

Now and then our own Tony Renzo mixes the real classics from early 80’s ; electro, disco & freestyle in Back2Basics the Classixx!

The Dutch  dj Ron Bunschoten made a gigantic mix with all time classic disco tracks. (recently aired on National radio)

Last in this line up is a  a surprise mix from our huuuge database…enjoy it like a litlle present 🙂

Rerun of all these mixes is saturday 4pm CET

 11pm till 2am CETTurbulentie with DJ Mark van Dale. Deep house and electro mellow moods. Mark was a former RSDH DJ in the 90s when the house sounds became booming. He is a respected DJ now all over the world and worked with Tiesto, Lucien Foort and DJ Jurgen…Enjoy his show!

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December the 25th… It’s Christmas on Radio Stad den Haag!


Wij van Radio Stad den Haag wensen iedereen hele fijne dagen, of je nu alleen bent, met familie of vrienden, Radio Stad is altijd dichtbij en is met kerst het beste muziek behang met heel veel mixen en leuke programma’s

We wish all our listeners all around the globe and their families a great X-Mas and holidays. Never a dull moment with your Radio. Here is our programming with lots of mixes and great programs. Times are Central European times CET

**13:00-16:00** – In the mix with;

*DJ Micro Mania (Marc Hartman) – Italo Summer Classixx APK Mix

*DJ Ron Bunschoten-A trip down memory lane part 3

**16:00-19:00** – Tony Renzo’s out of control X-Mas show with lots of soulfull- and classic disco tracks.

**19:00 – 20:00** – DJ Chez (Jaap de Zoete) – Italo All the way 30 mix

**20:00 – 23:30** – The pre recorded X mas  show!  With Menno, Michiel, Gwen, Herman, Eddy Mi Ami and guest Marcello.

This eve no requests ofcourse for we are not live!.  We played our choice of music  from classic top 100 charts (1981 till 1987) that were once broadcasted in the 80s on air on RSDH.

We had some warm winter Gluhwein and nibbles. Technicaly for us now (we are not in Holland) we are not able to show you the footage here. So if you want to watch this show..go to download page and click on ‘Special shows’ look up this show for the video . (direct link to video Xmas2016 valid till 20161231)

Enjoy us, yourself, your company, your dinner and our music. Happy Christmas from the whole Radio Stad den Haag
& i Venti team!

Menno tasting the Gluhwein

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In the mix and Club 80s on Saturday!

mix Every saturday afternoon the best Italo and Disco mixes on Radio Stad den Haag, 4pm CET.

Listen to DJ Tony Renzo and his Back2Basics Classixx 8 mix full of hot disco dancefloor tunes.

DJ Ron Bunschoten made a 2 hour mix full of his and his fans’ favourite classic tracks, Italo, Disco and High NRG.
It took him several weeks to make this so do enjoy his Trip down memory lane!

14502907_10211507109580176_441732770841434454_nat 8pm CET (7pm UK) A brand new Club 80s show hosted by Will Reid from Scotland!
Consisting of 2 hours of full flavoured choooons! One hour of 80s, some fabby 90s, and great New Generation music.

Join the chat here on our website or go to his chat on 6-8pm UK!

And while you are there dont forget to vote for the New Gen Top 40 chart. There is still some time. Broadcast of this chart is next saturday only on Radio stad den Haag.

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Freaky Friday in the MiX!

freak friday It’s friday night, here is your weekendstarter with the best DJ’s!

8-11pm CET.

Italo and disco in the MiX on Radio Stad den Haag!

We are curently offline, our provider is doing its utmost to solve it, we hope we are back in time for our mix evening, rerun of these mixes is sat. at 4pm CET

Lets go to the disco this friday. Tony Renzo Mixed great club classics for you in his Back2Basics Classixx mix vol.8


Oh what a joy! 2 Hours long this mix made by Ron Bunschoten. It took him several weeks to complete his masterpiece; a trip donw memory lane.


Rerun is every saturday at 4pm CET!

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Freaky Friday in the MiX!

Lets start your weekend here, with Radio Stad in the MiX!

At 8pm cet another great mix by DJ Ron, with all the funky disco ingredients so you cant stop moving…

MIX 2015-01-116 (Ron Bunschoten)

At 9pm cet, a new kid on the block with his first Italo Mix ever..he knows his way with mixing, he made a lot for National Radio, but does he manage Italo??? Judge yourself, DJ C.O.D.O (Coen Donders) is the guy.


We close the line up with our friend from the Ukraine, despite his situation over there he manages every week to make us a Italo-Space-Dance-Mix, lets hear it for Seva Ergrover…

index                     10689948_1480350952223920_1413258458896055970_n

We re-run these mixes this saturday at 4pm warm you up for a new Club 80s by Will Reid.

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