US Dance Tracks

USDT-300x2378:30pm CET; US DanceTracks. Tonight we have a rerun of US DanceTracks. Tune in at 8:30 PM this evening. Some of the records Maurice Hayes and André den Hartog will play for you: James Ingram, Intonation, 2Pac, Rufus, The Day Z’s, Bobby O and L.T.D.. Ofcourse we have a great mix by DJ André, our regular items and like every week the best US DanceClassics.

For the best funk, freestyle, new jack swing, hip hop, electrofunk and RnB, tune in to Radio Stad Den Haag tonight at 8:30 PM CET for another great edition of US DanceTracks.

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I Venti d’Azzurro 20170327 RECORDED

The i Venti d’Azzurro show!
Michiel van der Brugge heats you up between 8 & 9pm CET,
9pm CET; Classic Italo’s from vinyl with Marcello d’Azzurro and Italo-House sounds in the mix with Paolo Jay!

First broadcasted in 1986 on Radio Stad Den Haag and now back on your radio…

At 11pm CET one hour vinyl mix with King Fashion Team from Mexico.

The show will be ready for download on coming Sunday!

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Sunday Live shows.. RECORDED

Spring is in the air and so are we this sunday with the best Italo, High NRG, electro and new music.
Chat is open and live videostreaming from our studio.

Let’s have some fun!

Kom erbij vandaag en kijk mee met onze live shows van 5 tot 11 uur vanavond.

Van 5 tot 7 de lekkerste hits uit de Haagse Flitsende 50 lijst van 28 maart 1987 met Michiel van der Brugge. Klik HIER om de lijst mee te kijken.

5 till 7pm CET The best hits from the classic chart ‘HF50’ hosted by Michiel.

Between 7 & 8 a surprise mix

Zitten jullie er weer klaar voor? De beste manier om je weekend te eindigen is met je radio vriendjes..stuur nu je verzoekjes in en wij draaien ze voor je.
The best way to end your weekend is with your gang and your choice of music...We make it your night out! Great tracks this evening like Los Angeles TF, Riccardo Campa feat tuesday, Marsha Raven, Aleph, Nemesy, Gaz Nevada, Fabian Nesty, Tabu D’Apache, Klapto, Lisa, Marco di Luna and so much more. …so take a drink and have fun with the downloads!

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Saturday; in the mix and a new Club 80s show.

4pm CET the re run of our smashing friday mixes. (Start @ 15:38 cet)
See for details and playlists our previous post!

DJ Tony Renzo- Back2basics 74
DJ Michael Mezza-Mauro malavasi tribute mix
DJ Zoltan- Italo mix

7pm CET- Club 80s, hot and new for the best classics, electro-Italo, Brit Pop and new music in town  with your Scottish host Will Rrrrreid. Music you can expect this eve New Order, Yello, Soft Cell, Visage, Brian Ice, Pet Shop Boys and more, plus loads of new music from Eurotix, RetroTeque/Knight$, Sally Shapiro, Saft, Obsession of Time, Amanda Lear, Retronic Voice…..;  Chat is open here on our website or chat at

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Freaky Friday in the mix & Turbulentie with DJ Mark van Dale

Her is you’re weekendstarter! Enjoy the RSDH dance night

8 till 11pm CET Freaky Friday in the mix Italo.
11pm till 2am CET  Disco-electro-deep house sounds in Turbulentie with the famous dj Mark van Dale!

So put on your dancing shoes and gooooo! (scroll)

Great classic tracks allways mixed in the best way by Tony Renzo! Here is Back2basics Italo 74

This special  mix is made by DJ Michael, this guy mixes since the famous 80s and is a dj and writer. This mix is a tribute to Mauro Malavasi (turned 60 this week), the big brain behind famous disco bands/projects like Change, P.J. Band, Cube a.o. between 1978-1982, so still befor the Italo disco era. Enjoy this marvelous tribute of 35 tracks, all written, produced & composed by Mauro Malavasi. Playlist in our comments!

Last in this line up is a mix by Zoltan Botka alias DJ House. 

Rerun of all these mixes is saturday 4pm CET

 11pm till 2am CETTurbulentie with DJ Mark van Dale. Deep house and electro mellow moods. Mark was a former RSDH DJ in the 90s when the house sounds became booming. He is a respected DJ now all over the world and worked with Tiesto, Lucien Foort and DJ Jurgen…Enjoy his show!

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