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RSDH Freaky Friday in the MiX + Extra Will Reid show

Get your weekend starter here! At Radio Stad you hear the best new and classic mixes,
every friday at 8pm and saturday at 4pm CET.

But first we start at 6pm CEST with a rerun show from last night that was broadcasted on Radio Crash and presented by Will Reid. So dont mind the other station calls..ignore them ;-).

The at 8pm we have a DJ Ripper’s Classic mix. DJ Ripper, or just Joop, is a great mixer. You can also watch him live at our Radio Stad studio nearly every last sunday of the month in a mix session.


Then…summer is on its way, so what do we need? Sabadell sound. Here a mix by MMG from Spain ’80s Spanish connection MAXI’.


And we go into orbit with Seva Ergrover with his new Italo Space Dance mix called ‘Star-night’. Playlist in the comments.

This saturday at 4pm CEST the re-run of these mixes followed by a special extra show from Will Reid at 19:00pm CEST.



Stad Sunday Live shows DOWNLOADS

17:00 pm CEST Michiel presents live ‘DoucheCo’ 2 hours of old school disco.
19:00 pm CEST a surprise mix to warm you up for…

The live request show at 20:00pm CEST.
Menno, Michiel and….no Gwen, she is abroad so Esther will take her place. Send your messages to the studio by using the ‘song request’ button. Menno will play as much as he can from vinyl. The best Italo, the most recent new tracks and rare stuff.
Enjoy your end of the weekend!
You can join our chat if you like and watch the whole show down here.

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Freaky Friday in the MiX!

Here is your weekend starter!!

20:00pm CEST: DJ CHEZ. Once a month he makes especially for us a mix. This month a New Generation mix.


Hereafter a classic from the RSDH archives. Discontinu mix vol 32. Let it surprise you…..


And ofcourse another brand new mix by DJ Seva, The Italo Space dance mix (playlist in the comments)

Enjoy your friday. We re-run these mixes this saturday at 16:00pm CEST followed by Will Reids fabby New Generation Italo Top 40.


RSDH Sunday live Programming. DOWNLOADS

(Our download page has been perfected, thanks to Ewald Groen, to make it even more easy for you, on google drive he made an audio database and also some old RSDH advertisements have been added.)



17:00pm CEST: Michiel with ‘DoucheCo’ Back to clubbing in the 80s with the help of the classic chart ‘de Haagse Flitsende 50
18:00pm CEST: 2 Hours live mix session with DJ Joop & Renaldo! Italo High NRG, Electro and house in da MIX.
20:00pm CEST: The gang, Menno, Gwen and Michiel with the Request show. We played mostly from vinyl. Tracks by Divine, Martinelli, Savage, Chic, Amin Peck and many more of your requests. Enjoy the downloads

Vanavond kun je weer entree kaartjes winnen voor de release-party op 24 mei met Albert One ism i Venti records in het Teejater in Naaldwijk!

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