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Sunday Live shows on RSDH DOWNLOADS

The best way to end your weekend! Let’s go live

michiel-dj5 till 7pm CET – DoucheCo show with Michiel. Back to the 80s with disco, Italo & funk.

He uses the classic chart the ‘Haagse Flitsende 50’ check them all out here

7 till 8pm CET – A surprise mix from our database


big_vinyl_rules_18 till 11 – The sunday night LIVE Request show. The interactive radio show where you can join us in the chat, phone us live and request a song or just leave a comment.

We had another great evening with all you listeners. You can listen to music like Swan, the new Digitalo, the new Mirko Hirsch, Lian Ross, Joe Yellow, Alba, the new 23d Underpass, Stefano Brignoli and much much more  The Gang, Menno, Gwen and Michiel were ready for you and your requested song. Italo disco and HIgh NRG, also from vinyl. Enjoy the download in audio and video.

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Club 80’s show on saturday

freak friday-no time4 till 7pm CET the re-run of our friday mixes;

  • DJ Tony Renzo- Back2Basics Italo vol 16
  • DJ Manuel Rios – Octobre 2015 Italo mix
  • DJ Chez- Italo all the Way
  • See for playlists our previous blog!


Every 2nd saturday of the month, Will Reid from Scotland makes, exclusively for Radio Stad, the Club 80s show.

What can you expect this evening from 7 till 10pm CET;  music from Samantha Gilles, Miko Mission, Sophie, Den Harrow, The Flirts, Fred Ventura, Tyson……and many, many more! So join Will in his chat in this pre-recorded show on www.c80s.co.uk


Sunday Live Special shows DOWNLOADS


5 till 7pm CET- DoucheCo live show, back to the danceble 80s With Michiel using a classic chart from our archives of the ‘Haagse Flitsende 50’

7 till 8pm CET- A surprise mix to warm you up!

8 till 11pm CET- The Live Request show with your gang Menno, Michiel and Gwen.
This evening… a live interview by telephone with Fred Ventura in Italy. Recently a new track came out on Disco Modernism label ; Looking for love (and no, not from NOIA) and a soon to be released remake (on Fonogrammi Particolari label) of a very rare classic track by Kermesse- Mrs.Moon..what a smasher! Ofcourse we played these tracks and Fred told us all about it.
Then on Flashback records a new re-release of Brand Image all time favorit ‘Love in a summer night’. Stefano Brignoli origanaly sung this in the 80s but was never released with his voice…untill now! He told us the real story behind this, live, on the phone from Italy!

12095044_1198360420190937_8187047891975744342_oAnd another surprise this evening, Ron from i Venti Records came along bringing a test press vinyl of an uppcoming EP called ‘Disco Planet 1’, goodness, what a must have! So comon, download this special show!

PROMO 2some bizarre front sleeveflashbackL-858516-1435730754-5677.jpegL-427389-1385118993-5803.jpeg

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Freaky Friday in the MiX!

freak friday-no timeARE YOU READY????? Here is your weekend starter… 8pm CET.

Unstoppable..Tony Renzo and his Back2Basics Italo mix vol.15.

12042135_1026621037369196_956122633_nOnce a month DJ Chez makes especially for RSDH Italo All the Way, her is the primeur


We re-run these mixes this coming saturday at 4 pm CET