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DoucheCo & Sunday Night Live Request Show DOWNLOADS

End your weekend with the Crazy gang of Radio Stad de Haag…Italo, Disco, Hi-NRG, Euro pop Spacesynth and a lot more great tracks from the 80’s till now! Played also from vinyl. Activate Ustream below to watch us live!

17:00 till 19:00 pm CET ‘DoucheCo’ with Michiel van der Brugge. He takes you back to 1986 with the epic chart de ‘Haagse Flitsende 50’.

19.00 till 20:00 A mix to warm you up for …listen-_live

The Sunday night live Request show. And we celebrate Menno’s Birthday, 46 years allready this old Playboy .
Join Gwen, Michiel and studio guests from 8 till 11 pm CET. You want to congratulate Menno or you have a song you like to hear?
Drop it in ‘Song request’ and we will read it live in the show. 3 Hours of entertainement, we do our best to speak as much English as we can 😉 This show is also broadcasted on DizGoRadio.fm .1272244_429700890484016_52081684_o

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Club 80s by Will Reid

Saturday the 18th from 4-6pm CET you can listen to the Freaky Friday mixes in the rerun and then at 7-10pm CET the monthly Club 80’s show presented by our Scottish friend Will Reid.

Will has a new Saturday evening timeslot. Catch us every 2nd Saturday, 6-8pm UK. This week sees musical content from New Order, Rofo, Paul Parker, Lian Ross……and we give another spin to a couple of Peter Wilson‘s new gems!

Chat here bit.ly/SHOUTBOX


Next saturday te 26th at 7pm CET we RERUN this show!


RSDH Sunday Live Shows downloads!

ARE YOU READY????? Here we gooo 🙂 live

This sunday we treated you with our Live programming & started with…

‘DoucheCo’ at 5pm till 7pm CET with your host Michiel. Join him when he goes back in Disco time, for this he uses an old Chart from thye 80’s called the Haagse Flitsende 50. You can check them all out here

RSDH StudioAfter your and our supper at 8pm cet was time for the one and only ‘Sunday night live request show’! Ever lively, messy and confusing but allways full of great music from the 80’s till now and played for you from vinyl, where do you find that nowadays! The gang Menno, Gwen , Michiel but also Marcello entertained you.. till 11 pm and  also played all  your requested songs and red your comments.

Send your requests in NOW, by clicking on ‘Song Request’ also for next sunday. Go to our facebook sites for a chat and watch us down here in the rerun Ustream TV and download the mp3. (Also broadcasted on DizGo Radio FM.)Have Fun!!!

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RSDH Sunday Live shows DOWNLOADS

4pm CET Michiel takes you back to the roaring 80’s in ‘DoucheCo’ 2 hours with Disco, funk and Italo. Michiel behandelt vandaag een Haagse Flitsende 50 lijst van 11 oktober 1986. Klik hier voor alle HF lijsten.

At 7pm CET a mix to warm you up for….

The Sunday Night Live Request show. 8 till 11pm CET.stock-vector-request-grunge-stamp-with-on-vector-illustration-180477320 Join the Crazy Gang ;Menno, Gwen, Michiel and studio guests Ron and Jorge Caneiro. Jorge’s son is also present  and is a great mixer. And also an old RSDH DJ is coming along Jan Alleman. We play those old school Italo dance hits and your requested songs from vinyl! Send in you favorite song now! Click on ‘Song request’. Watch us in the studio with Ustream TV. This show is also broadcasted on DizGo Radio FM.crazygang Live Video Screen


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Club 80’s by Will Reid

This thursday another episode by our Scottish friend Will Reid. Listen to his choice of Italo disco High NRG and Eurobeat presented in the allways happy mode 🙂 So tune in at 9pm CET! Chat with Will on www.c80s.co.uk

We rerun this program next satyrday at 2pm CET
And dont forget to vote for the New Generation Top 40. Broadcast is october 1st. For voting go to the website of club 80s


In two weeks there is a change in the shows by Will Reid for Radio stad. As off the 18th of october you can listen to Will Reid’s pre-recorded show on saturday evenings from 19:00 till 22:00 pm cet. This will be every other week so two times a month. We rerun these shows on friday evenings befor the Freaky Friday mix show, from 18:00 till 20:00 pm CET.