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Freaky Friday in the MiX Italo & Turbulentie with Mark van Dale

Its is nearly Halloween! Freaky friday is here, hot in the mix!   Your weekend starter on RSDH!

The best National and International Italo mix DJ’s

8-11:00 pm CET

Play it loud! (rerun is saturday at 4pm CET)

 Tony Renzo, only 3 more to go befor he stops mixing… enjoy his great mixing skills.

Next is a mix by DJ Uraler. Italoconnection is populair. Last week we had an Italoconnection mix and this friday again, new DJ and other tracks!

Last in this line up  are 2 mixes by The Wingman (Joop van Wingen) This Dutch guys also mixes for National radio. He made mixes of our classic chart from the 80s ‘de Haagse Flitsende 50’. And they are absolultely fantastic! You will love the music. Enjoy these 2 (playlists in the comments!)


Aprox. 11:00 pm till 2:00 am CET  Turbulentie with Mark van Dale & Joey Bananas. Deephouse sounds on your radio.