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Freaky Friday in da mix + Tubulentie with DJ Mark van Dale

Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the RSDH dance night

8 till 11pm CET Freaky Friday in the mix.
11pm till 2am CET  Disco-electro-deep house sounds in Turbulentie with the famous dj Mark van Dale!

Your weekend starts here with Radio Stad den Haag! (scroll)

Groovy and sexy, smooth and funky disco, enjoy Tony Renzo’s back2basics Classixx 13

Great great old school Italo classics in this monthly mix especially made for RSDH by DJ Chez; Italo all the way 48

Part 2 of the spacesynth megamix made by Manuel Rios from Mexico. Two weeks ago we aired part one tonight part 2 starting with Koto…

 11pm till 2am CET  Turbulentie with DJ Mark van Dale. Deep house and electro mellow moods

You might think that Radio Stad is Italo and Hi NRG only but in the old days when we were still local on  air we also renewed all the time and followed the music, so in the 90s we did play mellow-house music on Radio Stad. DJ Mark van Dale is a famous house dj, producer and residential dj in big clubs. He performed all over the world and worked together with big names. He offered us his program called Turbulentie. So enjoy this party night with DJ Mark van Dale


Freaky Friday in the MiX!

Here is your weekendstarter on Radio Stad den Haag.

Every week the best mixes made especially for you and us so..unique!
Let’s Go! At 8pm CET

He can mix anything and everything…His name is Tony Renzo and here is his weekly gift for you! Back2Basics Italo 69

Followed by another great and modest mixer..DJ Chez, every month an exclusive mix on RSDH;
Italo all the way 47 and what a tastfull cover 🙂

The last mix is a surprise mix but we can tell you its from Aroy Dee (Steven Brunssman), its called Italo Wintermix, he is from Amsterdam and we have no playlist.


Want to hear them again? Possible on saturday at 4pm CET.


Freaky Friday in the MiX 2017

Back in the new year with the best mixes every friday eve especially for you!

So tune in at 8pm CET for the following deejays…

Your weekendstarter.

Enjoy also in 2017 Tony Renzo’s mixes, every week a fresh one. Enjoy back2Basics teh Classixx 11.

Jaap de Zoete aka DJ Chez sends us every month his new mix. Enjoy this new gen spectacle in Italo All the Way.

Last hour is a surpise mix from our large data base…worth listening again!

Rerun saturday at 4pm CET.


Saturday on Radio Stad den Haag

Radio Stad in the MiX..play it loud! 4pm CET

-DJ Tony Renzo- Back2Basics Italo 64
-DJ Chez – Italo All the way (playlists in previous blog)
-Last hour is a surprise mix from our database.

12071345_1070891319602530_569970624_n7pm CET time for Will Reid.

Listen to a classic show from our archives. Club 80s is a guarantee for happy positive radio filled with great classics and new Gen music. Chat is open as allways.



Saturdays programming…

Get your kicks in the mix this saturday afternoon; 4 till 6pm CET followed by some new tracks in the stream.
Enjoy DJ Tony Renzo and DJ Chez!

12071345_1070891319602530_569970624_nClub 80s vaults plays a show from June 2014 on Saturday night with your ever charming host Will Reid from Scotland.

7-9pm CET and 6-8pm UK time, with fabby 80s music from Evelyn Thomas, Miquel Brown, Den Harrow, Fancy, Koto……and many more. Worth listening again.

Chat is open or join Will’s chat on his website c80s.co.uk