Radio Stad Den Haag Italo Top 100 2016 RECORDED


10 AM CET.
Before we start at 12pm CET with the top 100, Will Reid is with you, LIVE from Scotland for the first time in his history on Radio Stad! So give him a big hand and support him here, in our chat, when he heats you up for the 12th edition of the Italo-High NRG Top 100 of all time!  RECORDED

Studio cams are on the whole day

12 pm CET till after midnight…The Italo Top 100 chart live broadcast.

Let’s countdown. You have voted your all time favourite classic Italo and High NRG hits and today you will hear the results. (and with new entries!)
Prepare yourself for a long but fantastic day. Thank you so much for all your submissions that enabled us to complete this chart. We worked very hard behind the scenes to make it the best day of the year on your Radio Stad den Haag. We will have many guests and guest deejays Like Eddy Mi Ami, Herman, Paolo Jay, Marcello and more more in the studio. When the clock nearly strikes 12…we will announce this years number 1 and raise our glasses for the new year!   RECORDED

During this 12 hour live show we will draw a few winners per hour as a thanks for your submission, so keep listening, you might win a prize, thanks to our sponsors. Needless to say but we dont take requests but feel free to leave a message for us or your friends in the ‘song request button’. En de oliebollen en flappen zijn van Lentz!

twitter; @staddenhaag #RSDHTop100

Prizes to win; CD’s by ZYX Music / CD’s and Vinyl by i Venti Records / Max Mix CD’s by Blanco y Negro / Headsets and ext hard discs by Vitasys/ pare of headphones BCC / RSDH cap / RSDH T shirt / RSDH merchendise / Dinerbonnen / vuurwerkpakket / truien van Playrfc.  35 prizes in total!!

Iedereen die voor en achter de schermen heeft meegewerkt….heel ontzettend bedankt namens Gwen, Menno, Ewald en Michiel

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Last call!! Vote now, Top 100 2015

You have still got time untill MIDNIGHT on the 31st of December to submit your 10 best ever tracks.
Help us to complete this one and only chart for Italo, Disco, High NRG & Electro from the 80s and 90s.
And…you have a chance to win one of those 40 fantastic prizes!!

Op de valreep mensen…heb jij je top 10 nog niet ingevuld? Doe het nu! Je hebt nog de tijd tot middernacht op 31 december, als de klok 12 slaat is het te laat. Help mee om deze enige echte Top 100 voor Italo en High NRG in de wereld samen te stellen en wie weet win jij 1 van die 40 prijzen die ter beschikking zijn gesteld.
top 100 2015

Prijzen die te winnen zijn-Prizes to win; blue ray discs en meer van BCC Delft / Harde schijven en koptelefoons van VITASYS / 3 dinerbonnen van LA CUBANITA / Canvas met eigen foto, RSDH t-shirts en merchandise pakketjes van DA PONTE RECLAME / CD’s & Vinyl van I VENTI RECORDS / CD’s en Vinyl van ZYX RECORDS / RSDH Muismatten / Kado bonnen van BANKETBAKKERIJ LENTZ. De verzendkosten komen voor rekening van


Speciale dank aan iedereen die belangeloos meewerkt aan de Top 100. Peter van Aken, Joffrey Linkers, Corina Dijkhuizen, Teun van Mourik, Daan, Edward, Herman, Michiel, Menno, Ewald Groen, Gwen, Denny, Joop, Renaldo, Scott Martin, Will Reid en alle andere vrienden van de Radio.
En..Speciale dank aan Raymond van Prolocation en Michel Dop van video-streams.

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