The i Venti d´Azzurro live show

1794583_1616880318544474_8317841739758661546_nThis monday evening the i Venti live show is aired from the Radio Stad den Haag studio.

With Paolo Jay, Michiel and Menno. Marcello isnt aible to attend the show tonite.  Old School disco from Italy and dance made in Italy.

8 till 9 pm CET Michiel with the warming up
and 9 till 11pm CET the i Venti show.

Watch the show live and feel free to use the chat.


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The sunday Live shows DOWNLOADS


5PM CET its time for DoucheCo with Michiel. Lots of 80s dance tracks with the help of hit chart “Haagse Flitsende 50” of september 13  1986 (download)

Between 7 and 8 a surprise mix.

Between 8 and 11 your gang presenting the LIVE Request show with old school and New Gen. Italo and your requested songs from vinyl. Watch the show in the rerun. Also this evening the world premiere of the new Italove in the Matt Pop and the Mirko Hirsch version. We played tracks like Tommy-One Night, Blu i Boy-Ecstasy, Motion-Dont Stop, Grecos-Living in the sky, Alba -Only music survives, Stage, talor Jaye and many many more. Get your download now….

sunday (00000)12009767_10153575519958431_6033040738387134962_n

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Saturday’s programming

index4 till 7pm CET in the MIX (for details see prvious blog)

Tony Renzo-Back2Basics Italo vol 12

Janzu Mastermix vol 10

Seva Ergrovers weekly Italo Space Dance compilation

And then… 7pm CET are you ready??? Will Reid from Scotland will entertain you for 2 hours with his choice of euro dance, new and old school Italo & High NRG. Will also plays plenty new music with tracks from the ZYX New Generation Volume 7 Compilation, and lots more fabby new music! Join his chat on or just stay here. Enjoy!



Freaky Friday in the MiX

Get ready for the weekend…..with RSDH in the MIX from 8 till 11 pm CET.

logo_inthemix_by_alisonsilvagraphic-d4zf11uTony Renzo cannot be stopped here is Back2Basics Italo vol 12

Back2Basics Italo Mix 12 Tony Renzo

And once a month Janne Ojala aka JanZu all the way from Finland makes especially for RSDH his Master mix

Italo Mastermix vol 10

Seva Ergrover made his weekly Italo Space Synth compilation. Playlist is in our comments


We rerun these mixes this saturday at 4pm CET


I Venti d’Azzurro tribute broadcast


11953150_934224419956609_3930471219610602500_nThis evening the i Venti d’ Azzurro Live Show with a tribute to former I Venti Records member Jeroen Peterink (45) who has died today. He was ill for quite some time so he is at peace now.

The audio recording of this special broadcast will be available on our download page at the end of this week. Click here

Recorded in Dizgo Radio studio.