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This event is running from 6 September 2015 until 28 December 2059. It is next occurring on 19-01-2020 20:00

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The oldest live show since Radio Stad is on the internet. In 2002 we started broadcasting on the internet and soon the first sunday live show was a fact. First with Herman, Edward and Edwin. Later Gwen replaced Edwin. Since 2012 in our new home studio with Michiel, Menno (Herman and Edward retired) and Gwen. We receive often special guest, deejays and  (International) Italo artists.
We play songs that you request and mostly from vinyl. Italo disco, High NRG, electro and spacesynth. If there is a new release you will hear it most often first in this live show. And it is not your regular serious show. Its an interactive show with our listeners with lots of fun and you can chat and mail the gang live.
We have and had many special shows and interviews, live in the studio or on the phone with international artists who find their way to Radio Stad.
All our live shows are saved so you can enjoy them again. See our download page.

(RSDH was founded in 1982 due to a fusion with other illegal radiostations RSDH was on air untill it was prohibited .)
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