Saturdays Programming

freak friday-no time
4 PM CET we re-run our friday mixes,logo_inthemix_by_alisonsilvagraphic-d4zf11u
Enjoy Tony Renzo,
Johan van der Velde and Seva Ergrover. The best mixes only on Radio Stad.

See for details of these mixes our previous blog.

And then at 7 PM CET our monthly New Generation Italo & High Energy Top 40 with your ever charming host Will Reid! You have voted and tonight you will hear the results and ofcourse a new Six-mix.
Join Will in his chat or chat here. Enjoy this pre-recorded show guys.



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Saturdays Programming

freak friday-no time4 till 7pm CET our friday mixes in the rerun!

-Tony Renzo-back2Basics Italo vol 13

-Manuel Rios-Septiembre 2015

-Seva Ergrover- Italo Space Dance compilation

See for playlists our previous blog


Club 80s with Will Reid on Radio Stad Den Haag this weekend plays Classic 80s and some great new music from Birizdo Lajos, Tony Costa, Alexander Bez, Kristian Conde, Frank Lozano, a great new track by Lost Legacy on Flashback Records, and remixes from Italoconnection, Mike RossScott Lucchesi & Matt Pop‘s super remix of La Toya Jackson! It’s worth a visit!

11304256_10207380229250747_40398477_nThis is a rerun of last week, in case you have missed it.

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Saturday’s programming

index4 till 7pm CET in the MIX (for details see prvious blog)

Tony Renzo-Back2Basics Italo vol 12

Janzu Mastermix vol 10

Seva Ergrovers weekly Italo Space Dance compilation

And then… 7pm CET are you ready??? Will Reid from Scotland will entertain you for 2 hours with his choice of euro dance, new and old school Italo & High NRG. Will also plays plenty new music with tracks from the ZYX New Generation Volume 7 Compilation, and lots more fabby new music! Join his chat on or just stay here. Enjoy!


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Club 80s on saturday

BACK2BASICS ITALO MIX  8 TONY RENZO8986840_l4 till 6pm CEST RSDH in the MiX;

The re-run of last friday..

DJ Tony Renzo-Back2Basics Italo vol.8

DJ Lucien Vrolijk-WCM 2 the sound of Italy


   And 7pm CEST 2 hours Will Reid with a brand new episode of his Club 80s show!.

Enjoy his choice of entertainment this evening.
If you like to chat with Will go to his website here


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