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Freaky Friday in the MiX!

We start at 07:45 PM CET With the French mixer Paolo Aldini. He made many many mixes but Paolo is also a French voice-over. Listen to his first air-play on Radio Stad with Sessions 80s mix Vol.1


At 8:45 PM CET : The Baldeejays vol 4 on Bordello a Parigi. The Dutch mix masters Dennis van der Berg & Peet Need!


11002584_1396764613967140_1323513083593038639_nAnd we close this line up with one hour DJSeva  from the Ukraine. The Synthdream mix

1.Ultron – Galaxy Race / 2.Dreamtime – Phantasm / 3.P89 – Light Of Sirius
4.Dreamtime – Guru Meditation / 5.Rygar – From The World To The Sun
6.Ultron – The Original State Of Man / 7.Synth Dimension – 8 Bit Voyager
8.Marius M.21 – Romantic Night / 9.Area51 – Virus / 10.Digimax – Digital Utopia
11.Amateras – Feel in Japan / 12.Synth Elements – Space Pilot
13.Synth Dimension – Hypnotic Atmospheres / 14.Dreamtime – The Trial

The re-run of these mixes is this saturday at 03:45 PM CET! Enjoy!!


i Venti d’Azzurro download

Iventi d'AzzurroGet the audio download here from last monday, we offer the i Venti downloads when it was broadcasted from our own studio.

So enjoy the show with Marcello and all his vinyl from Italy. Menno and Michiel where his humble assistances..and an afterpary.
Have fun! click HERE for audio and video


Sunday Live Shows DOWNLOADS


Lets Start at 5:00 pm CET with ‘DoucheCo’ Michiel takes you back to the roaring 80’s with the help of a classic chart the Haagse Flitsende 50

At dinner time a MIX

And at 8:00 pm till 11:00 pm CET.. The Gang, live, with your Request show. Gwen lost her voice but Menno and Michiel were loud and clear. We played several tracks from Felli who passed away so suddenly last tuesday. But also music from Tony Marinello (TM Guy), 2 Brand new,
yet unreleased, Paul Parker tracks and loads of your requests like Klapto, Ray Cooper, Fred Ventura, Solid strangers and many many more. Thanks for all your support and the lively chat!
Watch it here in the rerun Also broadcasted on DizGo Radio FM.

[cryout-button-color url=”” color=”#DD0000″ target=”_parent”]VIDEO RERUNS & MP3 DOWNLOADS[/cryout-button-color]


Saturday’s programming on Valentines Day!

logo_inthemix_by_alisonsilvagraphic-d4zf11uAt 4pm we re-run our Freaky Friday mixes. DJ’s Ron Bunschoten, C.O.D.O. and Seva bring you the vibes you need.

At 19:00pm cet...Get ready for the ultimate saturday evening show with Will Reid from Scotland. He can make you very enthoustiastic with his way of making a show! Music from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s and a brand new yet unreleased track  by Paul does he do it!? Ooooh and give your love a hug!!


Enjoy your saturday and we will see you all for our sunday live shows


Freaky Friday in the MiX!

Lets start your weekend here, with Radio Stad in the MiX!

At 8pm cet another great mix by DJ Ron, with all the funky disco ingredients so you cant stop moving…

MIX 2015-01-116 (Ron Bunschoten)

At 9pm cet, a new kid on the block with his first Italo Mix ever..he knows his way with mixing, he made a lot for National Radio, but does he manage Italo??? Judge yourself, DJ C.O.D.O (Coen Donders) is the guy.


We close the line up with our friend from the Ukraine, despite his situation over there he manages every week to make us a Italo-Space-Dance-Mix, lets hear it for Seva Ergrover…

index                     10689948_1480350952223920_1413258458896055970_n

We re-run these mixes this saturday at 4pm warm you up for a new Club 80s by Will Reid.