Thank God it’s Friday & Freaky Mix time

This friday starts at 06.00 pm cet till 10.00 pm. Get started…

*Warming up: Will Reid’s Club 80’s rerun of last Saturday march 29th*

PhotoFunia-Movie_Marquee Get youre kicks in the mix with this friday evening….

DJ Chez! or better known as Jaap de Zoete.. Enjoy his Old school mix!


Hold your horses…something old, something new, mixed together by Scott Martin. Don’t be only lasts an hour
Freaky Friday MMX

Closure is by DJ Seva Ergrover with a Spacesynth mix
Seva Ergrover

Saturday 04.00 pm cet you can hear these mixes in the rerun on Radio Stad den haag. Followed by Club 80’s Top 40 New Generation Italo, broadcasted last thusrsday.

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Club 80’s by Will RRRRReid 07.00PM CET


From 04.00 till 06.00 pm cet Freaky Friday mixes in the rerun: DJ Chez & Italo all the way nr 7 followed by
DJ. Scott Martin & ‘Multi-mix New Generation Italo’.

Vanavond de laatste aflevering van Club 80’s op zaterdag, vanaf volgende week zenden wij Will Reid uit op de donderdag avond van 09.00 tot 11.00!
Blijf Club 80’s volgen met de altijd even enthousiaste man uit Schotland.

Vergeet niet je wekker een uur vooruit te zetten, des te eerder is het weer zondag! Stuur nu alvast je verzoekjes voor zondag avond naar ‘request’ !


This evening it is the last time you hear Will Reid on saturday evening.
8013010-relocation-cardboard-box-to-move-goods-moving-containerWill is moving… From next week Will is on thursday evenings from 09.00 till 11.00 PM CET! So keep on following Club 80’s with the best mix of Eurobeat, Hi-NRG, Italo and his ever enthusiastic presentation.

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Freaky as Friday..RSDH in the mix!


First you can listen to Will Reid’s Club 80’s of last saturday in the rerun, a fabby Show! 06.00 pm cet.


08.00 pm cet for DJ Chez and
“Italo all the way 7”!

So hands up in the air for Jaap de Zoete.

Italo all the way 7

Then we stalked DJ Scott Martin and with this equipement he made his mix.


‘The Multimix of New Generation Italo’
09.00 pm cet! Enjoy this start of your weekend.


And at 09.45 we’ve added a little bonus!
DJ Seva presents the Italo Space Dance.


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Freaky Friday is here..Radio Stad in the Mix.

06.00 pm CET you can hear Will Reid’s Club 80’s in the rerun of last saturday to warm you up the Scottish way!

08.00 pm cet Time for DJ Chez and Italo All the Way vol. 6!


09.00 You can hear DJ Holly with Disco Dreamer nr. 24, Let Patrick surprise you.


Enjoy these great mixes with Hi-NRG and Italo Disco. Saturday 04.00 pm you can hear them in the rerun befor the club 80’s show of Will Reid.

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