Disco Dance Department Re-Run!

The Re-Run of last weeks Disco Dance Department special show.

Every other week we re-run the live show from the week before 😉 Tonight you can enjoy tracks by Kylie Minogue (produced by Cerrone)​, Dished by Purple Disco Machine​, 808State, Kraftwerk and of course a new Disco Innovations​ track by Leon Hartog​, tonight he made an edit of Rose Royces Best Love and many many more….. as always brought to you by Andre Den Hartog​ and Marco Di Luna​.

Join us in The Rhythm Kitchen! Starts at 20:00h cet, only on www.rsdh.nl



Doors open at 20h CET. Don’t miss it!

Disco Dance Department on Spotify.


I Venti d’Azzurro Live Monday 20180618 RECORDED

LIVE at 8pm CET; Michiel van der Brugge heats you up for….

…The one and only i Venti d’Azzurro live show! Join us in our studio in The Netherlands.

The first hour is the Dance made in Italy, mixed by Paolo Jay. The second hour is for the classic Italo sound with Marcello, he brings the best vinyl from his huge collection and gives you all the inside information!

Chat is open, cams are rolling so come and join us!

First broadcasted in 1986 on Radio Stad Den Haag and now back on your radio…

The show will be ready for download next Sunday!


Sunday is DoucheCo, Live mix set & The Sunday Night Request Show RECORDED

And back! where we belong… Hoppa, it’s Sunday!
Live from the RSDH Studio in The Netherlands.
Cams are on & chat is open.

Om 5 uur – Michiel van der Brugge presenteert DoucheCo. Deze week platen uit de “Haagse Flitsende 50′ van 21 juni 1986!

5-7pm CET – DoucheCo show Live. In this show your host Michiel is using the classic charts called
‘Haagse Flitsende 50’ that was once broadcasted every Saturday on RSDH.
Today the chart of June the 21st, 1986. All these charts can be looked up HERE

19:00 CET- A live mix-set with VINYL only by DJ Johan Van der Velde! He used to be a former non stopper on RSDH back in the roaring 80s. And he still has the skills ladies and gentelmen!

20:00 CET – Your gang is allways in the mood for a night out playing vinyl from the home collection. But why not join us in our Radio cafe? Hand in your favourite record, and we will happily play it for you. Let’s share the music we love. Click on ‘Song Request’ on top of this page.  Also a mash-up made by Marc Hartman, the new Change and this eve’s spacesynth and no firsts for once, exept You!




Download this show in audio & Video… also on mixcloud and playlist is in the comments, Enjoy!


Saturday’s entertainment is an Out of control Timemachine on RSDH

 Enjoy the music on your station, this day & every day 24/7 and ofcourse our extra programs;

In the afternoon at 16:00 CET RSDH in the MiX 

*DJ Elroy Heesbeen – New Gen Mix
*DJ Juan Carlos Lopez – Italo/High NRG mix IV
*DJ Peter Duijkersloot – Back 2 the Future #201

(re-run of last friday, playlists in previous post)

20:00 CET : A re-run of  Out Of Control Radio Show hosted by Tony Renzo!

Get ready, tonight, were gonna make it a night to remember….! Enjoy soul, funk, disco, remixen, nudisco and 80s danceclassics. A real oldschool radio show with music from vivian vee, Kelly Marie, Lydia Murdock and more fine dancetracks

Older shows and Back2Basics mixes you can find here https://www.mixcloud.com/tony-renzo/ and ofcourse in our download section on top! ENJOY TONY!!

22:00h CET; He is back! A fresh new TimeMachine hosted  by the one and only Coen Bom aka Peter van Leeuwen! Filled with tracks from the good old days..Club Classics and new house sounds in a mellow way.

Een nieuwe Timemachine vanavond. Lekker.. met Coen oftewel Peter van leeuwen. (wereldberoemd en bekend van RSDH, Fresh FM, beruchte Haagse Discotheken en platenlabels zoals Combined)

And do join us tomorrow for more live shows starting at

5pm with DoucheCo, a live mix set & 8pm the sunday night request show.


Freaky Friday in the MiX Italo & Pompenburg Mix Show

Here is your weekendstarter…  RSDH in the MiX in Freaky friday !

Allways the best National and International Italo & High-NRG Deejays 20:00 CET till  midnight! 


Here is  this weeks line up;

Elroy Heesbeen kicks off… with Italo New Gen vol 5 mix!

Next is Juan Carlos Lopez from Mexico, this weeks High NRG-Italo set IV

3rd is new on RSDH.  He is a former National radio dj and originator of Rhythm import records label and stores back in the 80s. Thats in the past but now still active with mixing. From now on we will air more of this veteran deejay. Enjoy his most recently made mix; Back to the future 201

Last in line up is Pompenburg mix show. 

A new mix every friday by DJ Mark van Dale aka Pompenburg.

One hour party house  with the best classics, trance, deephouse & techno! 

Saturday more great shows for you so stay tuned