On Saturday we are Out of control !

At 16-19:00 CET we re-run our friday night mixes. Too good not to listen again or in case you missed it.

*Andre den Hartog-Rhythm Kitchen mix (2 Hours)
*DJ Freekkie- New generation mix 02

*DJ FIFA & West-80s Series Italo Disco 06

See for all playlists & covers our previous friday post. Enjoy!

Tony Renzooooo brings you the best Disco tunes for that old saturday night club feeling!
What can you expect tonight;

Remixes from Petko Turner, Paul Parker, Michael Gray, Tommy – One night in the Also Playable Mono Remix, Leon Hartogwith his Disco Innovations, 23rd Underpass, The Fatback Band (Liam Keegan version 2019) Tom Hooker and more new great stuf

Enjoy the show!

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