US DanceTracks Live RECORDED

us-dance-tracks-gwen-web-p18:30 PM CET: Live! Prepare yourself for yet another great show! As every Thursday at 8:30 PM CET Maurice Hayes will host US DanceTracks, your favorite US 80’s show live on Radio Stad Den Haag.

Tune in to your favorite battle station for the best new jack swing, electrofunk, hip hop, funk, RnB and freestyle beats. As always the tenth record is a great mix by DJ André. This week André den Hartog has also picked some of the best US DanceClassics especially for you and like every Thursday our regular items are present as well.

Some records Maurice Hayes will be playing tonight: Kreamcicle, Steve Walsh, Shana, O’Bryan, Earl Turner, Samuelle, Paul Jabara and Melba Moore.

Of course we have a Best of Three tonight. This week you can pick from three S.O.S. Band club classics:

  • The Finest
  • No Lies
  • Take Your Time

Join us in the chat and give us your favorite track and we will play it in tonight’s edition of US DanceTracks.

Spread the word! US DanceTracks LIVE: only on Radio Stad Den Haag.